Oregon Tilth Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
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    It's Lavender Month!

    To celebrate, we want to offer you access to our CE Class: Essential Oils for Memory Retention.
 In this webcast, 2019 AIA Lifetime Achievement Award nominee Dorene Petersen presents a research-based exploration into essential oils and aromatherapy for memory retention.

    Code: MYLAVENDER. $25 value. 

  • https://www.apothecary-shoppe.com/collections/bringing-nature-indoors

    Celebrate Summer

    Bring the the summer breeze into your home with our Bringing Nature Indoors collection.

    Try diffusing the Lavender Celebration blend or the Soothing Forest blend to bring the lovely aromas of nature into your home.

  • https://www.apothecary-shoppe.com/collections/essential-oils

    Go-to Essential Oils for Spring Wellness

    Lemon and Peppermint are a couple of our favorites! Check out our certified organic, independently-tested essential oils. Perfect for spring wellness!

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    Shop With Confidence

    We've hand-selected each and every product and had it carefully tested and assessed by trained Apothecary Shoppe staff.

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