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Wheat Germ Oil

$ 6.25

Wheat germ oil contains 99% of Wheat germ oil (Tritucum vulgare) and 1% of Tocoferol (Vitamin E).

Wheat germ oil is ideal for nourishing skin and can be used as a preservative. Now it's available in a 10 ml size so you can take it with you wherever you go!

Wheat germ is used in many quality skin care products.

It is also commonly used in aromatherapy products. Because it is heavier oil it works better when mixed with other oils. Great for massage because of its restorative effect of the skin, relieving and soothing it.

Externally it can be applied to the skin helping to moisturize and restore skin.

Wheat Germ Oil is used in massage oils, aromatherapy products, and lotions.

Wheat Germ Oil should not be used by anyone with a wheat or gluten allergy, either internally or externally.