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Hollywood Blend

$ 8.75
5 ml

Experience the Scents of Portland

Portland neighborhoods have distinctive histories, personalities, architecture, and attitudes. But each region also has uniquely characteristic aromas. Whether it’s the distinctive smell of malt mash, the comforting aroma of baked bread, or an unmistakable scent of fresh coffee, Portland is a delight to the olfactory senses. We decided to pay homage to our beautiful city with the Portland Six-Pack, a fragrant set of carefully crafted essential oil blends as diverse as the PDX neighborhoods themselves.

Hollywood: Named after it’s historic 1920s-era Hollywood Theater, Hollywood was revered as a “palace of luxury, comfort, and entertainment unsurpassed by any theater on the coast.” Relive the drama, romance, and passion of Hollywood’s rich history with the spicy key notes of Ylang Ylang*, Black Pepper*, Red Mandarin, and Cinnamon*.

*Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth