Grapefruit Essential Oil Organic

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Grapefruit Essential Oil Organic
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil Organic
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil Organic
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The Story

Grapefruit: Citrus paradisi (Macfad.)

Why grapefruit: The fruit of paradise! Grapefruit essential oil will whisk you off to a tropical island with its fresh and citrusy aroma. This is the perfect oil to add some rays of sunshine to an uplifting and energizing blend. The citrusy aroma of grapefruit aromatherapy essential oil is a top note with refreshing, high intensity. It is often used to modify other citrus oils. Try adding grapefruit to your morning diffuser blend for an uplifting burst of aromatic sunshine! It is also an ideal addition to homemade face washes and body scrubs.   

Quality Assured: Our organic grapefruit essential oil is responsibly sourced and distilled right here in the U.S.A. The essential oil is cold pressed from the peel of the grapefruit; this is preferred for therapeutic purposes. Every batch of oil is Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth and produced without the use of genetic engineering, artificial fertilizers, or pesticides. Additionally, our expert aromatherapists here at the Apothecary Shoppe personally assess all of our oils—using touch, taste, smell, and lab analyses—to ensure that your essential oil is suitable for use and entirely free of adulterants.

Download independent third party lab reports including GC/MS and pesticide testing results for the current lot click here for the pesticide report, and click here for the GC/MS report; results include a comparative analysis with ISO and the Pharmacopeia when available. If you have a different lot number, please contact

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View the GC for the current lot of this oil online here. If your product is a different lot number, please contact for the GC. 

How to Use

Benefits: Grapefruit aromatherapy essential oil’s cleansing qualities help to promote radiant and healthy skin. It has wonderful energizing qualities, and is a light, balancing, and uplifting oil. 

Regulatory Status: Grapefruit essential oil is listed on the FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list.

How to Store Your Oil: Keep your essential oils stored in a cool dark place. Grapefruit (and all citrus oils), pine, and juniper should all be stored in the fridge to prevent oxidation. If an oil spoils from heat and oxidizes, it can cause skin irritation. 

Oils That Blend Well With Grapefruit: Grapefruit oil's refreshing aroma blends well with

  • bergamot Citrus aurantium var. bergamia
  • neroli Citrus aurantium var. amara
  • black pepper Piper nigrum
  • cardamom Elettaria cardamomum
  • ginger Zingiber officinale
  • cypress Cupressus sempervirens
  • fennel Foeniculum vulgare
  • geranium Pelargonium graveolens
  • lavender Lavandula angustifolia
  • palmarosa Cymbopogon martini
  • patchouli Pogostemon cablin
  • rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis




Grapefruit Citrus paradisi oil: 8 drops

Ginger Zingiber officinale oil: 4 drops

Cypress Cupressus sempervirens oil: 3 drops

Lemongrass Cymbopogon flexuosum oil: 3 drops

Cardamom Elettaria cardamomum oil: 1-2 drops

Blend the formula and mix with a massage oil base using 20 drops to 1 ounce. This formula once diluted in a base oil can also be applied to the skin with a loofah while showering.


Bergamot Citrus aurantium  var. bergamia oil: 6 drops

Grapefruit Citrus paradisi oil: 6 drops

Lime Citrus aurantiifolia oil: 6 drops

Ginger Zingiber officinale oil: 4 drops

Sandalwood Santalum album oil: 2 drops

Blend all the oils and use in a diffuser or atomizer. It can also be added to the bath water, 5-6 drops maximum.

If you’re crazy about the uplifting and clean aroma of citrus oils, download this free eBook from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, Green Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils: 

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WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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