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Buchu Leaf Organic

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Buchu: Agathosma betulina (P. J. Bergius) Pillans

Why Buchu Leaves? A beautiful South African botanical, the buchu plant is highly sought after. Buchu is an important plant in the Khoi-San tradition (South African indigenous people) and still enjoys a great reputation as a general health tonic. Note that only cultivated Buchu should be used. This plant is becoming at-risk due to habitat degradation and overharvesting where the plant grows wild. 

Quality Assured: Our certified organic buchu leaves are sustainably sourced from South Africa. This herb is Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth and grown without the use of genetic engineering, artificial fertilizers, or pesticides. Our experts here at the Apothecary Shoppe personally evaluate every herb through taste, touch, and smell to assure that you are receiving the best botanicals suitable for use.