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Soothing Forest Blend

$ 21.75

A woodsy, serene essential oil blend hand-crafted by ACHS President and Founder Dorene Petersen. This blend contains essential oils of:

  • cypress Cupressus sempervirens 
  • cedarwood Atlas Cedrus atlantica 
  • fir needle Abies balsamea 
  • juniper berry Juniperus communis 
  • pine Pinus sylvestris
  • rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis 
  • sandalwood Santalum album 
  • ylang ylang Cananga odorata var. genuina

Apothecary Shoppe Production Lead Tiffany Stout describes this blend: 

"This blend instantly picks you up and floats you high among the pine trees. That crisp, early morning air that wakes your senses while camping—this is it. The hints of sandalwood enhance this outdoor experience by grounding the blend. Inhale and sway among the tall trees with Soothing Forest."