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Jasmine grandiflorum Absolute

$ 18.25

Jasmine: Jasminum grandiflorum (L.)

Why jasmine? In India, jasmine is known as “moonshine in the garden.” With a heady, warm, and rich aroma, this flower has a long history as a symbol of love and romance. It is said that Cleopatra wooed Marc Antony with its romantic, calming, and floral fragrance. 

Quality Assured: Our jasmine grandiflorum absolute is responsibly cultivated and sourced from an organic farm in India. The absolute is solvent extracted from jasmine flowers. Additionally, our expert aromatherapists here at the Apothecary Shoppe personally assess all of our oils—using touch, taste, smell, and lab analyses—to ensure that your essential oil is suitable for use and entirely free of adulterants.

Independent third-party lab reports including GC/MS and pesticide testing results are available upon request. Please send a request to apothecary@achs.edu and include the essential oil Latin name and lot number; results include a comparative analysis with ISO and the Pharmacopeia when available. 

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