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Scent Stimulation Essential Oil Set


Scent Stimulation Essential Oil Set: A pioneering therapy known as Smell Retraining Therapy, or scent stimulation, to help condition and improve your sense of smell. Through the method of deliberate and consistent practice, this therapy activates your olfactive nerves to facilitate the rebuilding of your sense of smell. Just as with exercising weaker muscles, regular use of this set can assist with strengthening your sense of smell.

Set Includes:

How To Use: Use once or twice daily, smelling each essential oil separately with a scent stick. Continue for 12 weeks tracking your progress along the way. The goal is not to overstimulate your senses but instead to consistently work your smell muscle daily.

Smell Retraining Therapy Source: ENT Health   https://www.enthealth.org/be_ent_smart/smell-retraining-therapy/

Quality Assured: Every set contains certified organic essential oils from Oregon Tilth.