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Wordsmith: A Guide to College Writing 6th ed

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by Pamela Arlov

Briefer and more readable than full-length texts, Wordsmith: A Guide to College Writing is the antidote to dry, overwrought, and overly expansive writing guides. Wordsmith engages students, serves multiple skill levels, and teaches enduring writing techniques in a way that is actionable, contemporary, hands-on, and fun.
This resource is a powerful tool for students and teachers alike. With appealing, topical readings and expanded writing exercises, the updated text empowers instructors to meet students where they are and engage their collective interests. Author Pam Arlov provides students with just the right balance of instruction and practice, covering grammar, rhetorical modes and mixed modes, style guidelines, and more. Her inviting writing style, use of relevant readings and visuals, and occasional humor are sure to engage any student.

This book is one of the required textbooks for the ENG101.

ISBN: 9780321974174

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