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Supervision in the Hospitality Industry, 5th ed.

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by Jack E. Miller, John R. Walker, Karen E. Drummond
Supervision in the Hospitality Industry provides comprehensive coverage of the principles, theories, human relations techniques, and decision-making skills that are required to manage a workforce to profitable results. Along with updated material in each chapter—including new material on diversity initiatives, recruitment, and retention, as well as updated profiles of individuals and companies—and a variety of training activities for real-world simulation, thisFifth Edition is the complete guide to managing in the hospitality industry.

It takes a lot of savvy to manage a thriving hospitality business. Managers must satisfy obligations to owners, customers, and employees, while maintaining a positive work climate, developing job expectations, disciplining marginal employees, and addressing workplace diversity. Methods for achieving these goals as well as for communicating effectively, planning, organizing, and maintaining a management point of view are reinforced through quizzes, exercises, self-assessments, simulations, case studies, role play, and journal writing.

ISBN:  9780471657484

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