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Study Guide: Structure & Function of the Body, 15th ed

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by Thibodeau, G., & Patton, K.

Learn to master the core terms, concepts, and processes of human anatomy and physiology! Corresponding to the chapters in Thibodeau and Patton's Structure & Function of the Body, 15th Edition, this engaging study guide contains variety of exercises, activities, and anatomy drawings to help you easily review, retain, and apply important A&P concepts!

  • Brief synopsis of the core concepts from the textbook provides a comprehensive review of essential content.
  • Diagrams, labeling exercises, and coloring exercises reinforce where the structures of the body are located.
  • Crossword puzzles and word finds help readers master new vocabulary terms.
  • Application questions ask readers to make judgments based on the information in the chapter.
  • Matching and fill-in-the-blank exercises help readers better understand chapter content.
  • Study tips in the preface provide insights on the most effective methods for learning and retaining information.
  • Answers to exercises in the back of the book include references to the appropriate textbook page to give readers instant feedback.
  • NEW! Updated art throughout enhances learning by presenting anatomy even more clearly.

This is required reading for NAT 210.

ISBN: 9780323394567

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