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Stabilyze Bars

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Many of the bars available today are, unfortunately, just as unhealthy as a candy bar if you take a look at the Nutrition Facts. A bar might sound healthy when it says it only contains a few ingredients, however, the sugar content is generally very high without an equally high fiber content to balance even natural sugars out in your body.  Without balance your blood sugar levels experience big highs and lows which can mean havoc on your metabolism and how your body processes other foods like fats and carbohydrates. Stabilyze® bar ingredients are formulated to maintain balance in your body, stabilize blood sugar levels and provide you with the nutrients you need.

Stablyze beneficial ingredient components include:

Whey protein: A great protein source that contains all nine essential amino acids including leucine which is beneficial to build and maintain muscle mass which in turn can affect body fat loss. Leucine is also associated with decreasing plasma insulin and improving the triglyceride profile.

Fiber: We use a prebiotic dietary vegetable fiber that helps maintain a healthy gut, regularity and assists in hunger management.

Agave syrup: Organic and natural sweetener that offers the benefit of maintaining a low glycemic index

21 vitamins and minerals: The nutrients your body uses to:  Maintain steady glycemic levels, build and maintain muscle mass, maintain energy and stay balanced.

These ingredients offer the additional benefits of being diabetic friendly, serve as a well-balanced meal replacement and are great for appetite control to assist in weight management.

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