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Squeaky Gourmet

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by ACHS graduate Maureen Jeanson and Jamie Wilson

Squeaky Gourmet offers over 140 pages of wellness education, recipes for tasty food, put them together and you have the exact steps outlined to achieve your own fitness goals. There are chapters explaining the myths about carbohydrates, the lies about dietary fat intake and of course we will educate you on just how much protein you want to eat to help you reach your goals. We will give you the information you need to plan and prepare foods to allow you to design each week ahead of time.

Planning meals prevents temptation to stop at your local fast food...a crucial step for success on any healthy eating plan! Take a closer look and you will see we left no stone unturned and we are giving you the exact same steps we used ourselves to regain our health and shed unwanted fat from our bodies!

Maureen herself has shed over 90 pounds of fat using the exact tools she maps out for you in Squeaky Gourmet. Look over our table of contents and see we offer a meal with every flavor. Nothing here will "taste" healthy. You can sneak these squeaky foods by anyone!

ISBN: 978-0979560606

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