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Nutrition 5th ed w/ MyPlate Update

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Nutrition, Fifth Edition is a completely revised and updated text. The new edition is challenging, student-focused and provides the reader with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their overall nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Central to Nutrition, Fifth Edition is its rigorous coverage of the science of nutrition, metabolism, and nutrition-related diseases. Content coupled with focused chapter learning objectives reinforce key concepts to improve retention and learning outcomes. An integrated pedagogy accommodates different learning styles to promote knowledge, behavior change and student comprehension of the material.

The Fifth Edition has been updated to include a new spotlight on obesity, an updated chapter on metabolism as well as a revised chapter on energy balance and body composition. New Nutrition Science in Action scenarios present contemporary examples of the science behind nutrition. Important biological and physiological concepts such as emulsification, glucose regulation, digestion and absorption, fetal development, nutritional supplements, weight management and exercise are covered throughout the text and reinforced through updated tables and graphics.


This is a required text for NUT510

ISBN: 9781284021165

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