Oregon Tilth Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

Heirloom Wheatgrass

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Among nature’s most potent leafy green vegetables are cereal grasses, unique plants that are packed with a broad spectrum of nutrition. These non-pasteurized cereal grass juice powders are grown in organic soil, from organic seeds, using organic methods. Cultivated in the clear fresh air of high altitude farms, these grasses are exposed to intense sunlight which stimulates exceptional nutrient content. Unlike tray-grown varieties, our farm-grown grasses allow deep roots to absorb more minerals, which are then absorbed by you. You won’t find any fillers, sweeteners or additives of any kind in our cereal grass juice powders, which is why they're:

• USDA Certified Organic

• Certified Kosher by Organized Kashrus Laboratories

• Awarded the Diabetic Resource Center’s Seal of Approval

• Free of yeast, soy, corn, maltodextrin, brown rice or added sugar

• You will find a wealth of easily digestible nutrients, including: light weight vegetarian protein, antioxidants and digestive enzymes

45 g • 45 Servings

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