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FreshPaper is a simple piece of paper that keeps fruits and veggies fresh for 2-4 times longer, organically. It's infused with organic spices: no zeolite, no sodium permanganate, no charcoal, and absolutely no plastic.

The distinctive maple-like scent results naturally from the organic spices infused in FreshPaper. In addition to smelling delicious, these extracts are naturally cleansing and purifying. (Interesting fact: one of the active ingredients in FreshPaper, fenugreek, is actually used in maple syrup flavoring!)

FreshPaper works with most fruits and veggies, from berries to leafy greens and delicate herbs! ​

​A single sheet of FreshPaper keeps an entire fridge drawer, bowl, bag, or carton of produce fresh. If you are storing lots of very perishable items, simply toss in an extra sheet.

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