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Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Health Professionals, 1st ed.

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by Linda Baily Synovitz and Karl L. Larson

This textbook is required reading for CAM 101

Highly researched and referenced, Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Health Professionals: A Holistic Approach to Consumer Health educates students about the many complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities that are available, in addition to the more traditional methods that exist. Early chapters provide an overview of both traditional and alternative medicine, scientific method and steps in scientific research, and look at the cost of health care in the U.S. Later chapters introduce students to integrative medicine and provide a thorough overview of CAM practices employed today. Topics that are covered include acupuncture, meditation, herbals and aromatherapy.

By reading this text, students will become astute at distinguishing among those traditional and CAM health practices that are helpful, those that have been scientifically tested, and those that may offer no benefit.

Features & Benefits

  • Case studies throughout the text give students an opportunity to apply material and ideas to real life situations.
  • “In the News” features encourage analytical thinking and present situations or problems that students will find personally relevant. 
  • Suggestions for classroom activities are included at the end of each chapter. Students are provided the opportunity to present in the classroom, work in a group, or engage in an activity.
  • Review questions help the reader conceptualize and reflect on main points.

ISBN: 9781449652982

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