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The internet is a relatively secure environment, as long as the people using it follow basic security procedures. Here at the American College of Healthcare Sciences and Apothecary Shoppe, we have taken additional steps to protect your (and our) security on the web.

When you fill your shopping cart and proceed to "Check Out", you will be passed to a portion of our server that uses SSL to enter your personal and credit card information. SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol used for authenticating and encrypting web traffic. Authenticated web traffic means that your browser is able to verify the identity of the remote server. Encrypted web traffic means that traffic (in both directions) between our server and your browser is scrambled so that in the remote event it is intercepted, it is unintelligible. The encryption algorithims used are comparable to those used by the Defense Department and other federal agencies.

If you have tried to access a secure web page and have received an error message saying something about an unknown authority and the page won't load, you need to upgrade to the current version of your web browser. (Usually Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape's Navigator/Communicator.) If this occurs or your configuration doesn't support SSL or if you are still uncomfortable with transmitting the number over a secure network, you can also phone us at 1-800-487-8839 with your order.

Enjoy your visit to our store and rest assured that your security is as important to us as ours.