Oregon Tilth Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

CAM 100 Practical Lab Kit

$ 49.14
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This practical lab kit is required for ACHS's CAM 100 online course, Principles & Practices of Integrative Health and is included in the required course pack fees. Learn more about CAM 100 online here


  • Lavender EO 5 ml Organic Lavandula angustifolia
  • Rosemary EO 5 ml Organic Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Peppermint EO 5 ml Organic Mentha piperita
  • Calendula Flowers 1 oz Organic Calendula officials
  • Basil Leaf 1 oz Organic Ocimum basilicum
  • Oatstraw 1 oz Organic Avena sativa
  • Press-N-Brew tea bags 40 per pack

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